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Crusher Run (5/8" to 6")

Description: Crushed limestone aggregate with fines. A range of sizes from 5/8” to 6”.


Uses: Most commonly used for a base layer under roads and driveways.

Availability: All locations offer Crusher Run (sizes vary by location)

Washed (Clean) Stone

Description: Crushed limestone aggregate with NO fines. A range of sizes from 1/2" to 2".


Uses: Most commonly used for fill in drainage area.

Availability: Medina location offers washed #1A's, #1's and #2's.

Washed Landscape Gravel

Description: Beautifully colored earth toned, natural landscape stone. A range of sizes from pea gravel, #1's, #2's and #3's, tailings, and larger accent boulders.


Uses: Most commonly used for accent stone areas.


Availability: All locations offer Landscape Gravel (sizes vary by location)


​Description: A variety of sand products including Pool Sand, Mason/Mortar Sand, and Concrete Sand


Uses: Most commonly used for residential and commercial landscaping applications.  


Availability: All locations offer some sand products (vary by location)

Rip Rap

Description: Raw limestone aggregate in assorted sizes, ranging from 4 inches to 5 feet.


Uses: Most commonly used for retaining walls, along shoreline for protection or decorative accent pieces. 

Availability: Medina location offers Select Rip Rap


Our Medina location has high quality screened and unscreened nutrient-rich topsoil.

Cambria location has screened and unscreened topsoil available. 

Our Albion location has only unscreened topsoil available.

Please call before coming to check on availability!!

Screened Dirt Fill

Description: Overburden above our limestone quarry.  Screened at 3 inch.


Uses: This material can be used as excellent general fill. 

Availability: Medina location 


Description: A high quality blended agricultural lime. Blended lime has a minimum effective neutralizing value of 84%.


Uses: Our Aglime product is perfect for reducing soil acidity, leading to high profitable crop yields and long-term soil productivity.


Availability: Medina location  

Cold Patch

Description: EZ Street is a polymer-modified cold asphalt.


Uses: Guaranteed to permanently repair potholes, utility cuts, overlays, and edge repairs in asphalt or concrete.


EZ Street is currently being used by State DOT's across the country in bulk and bag form. Not only does EZ Street work in ALL weather conditions, it even works in water. 

Available at our Medina and Lockport/Cambria locations in bags or bulk.

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