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Cambria Asphalt Products is a provider of hot mix asphalt and supplies Niagara, Orleans and Northern Erie counties.

Our hot-mix asphalt plant produces the exact specifications of asphalt needed to build high quality roads requiring less maintenance and lower rehabilitation costs while offering greater durability, quieter rides and improved skid resistance. Whether building state highways, private streets or residential driveways, three words mean everything: quality, quality, and quality! 

Cambria Asphalt Products is prepared to take the lead as the prime supplier of choice. We’re proud of our rock-solid reputation for delivering excellent mixes to all of our public and private industry clients. 

90 percent of all paved roads in the United States are surfaced with asphalt. Asphalt material is composed of asphalt oil and crushed stone that is heated and applied to the road surface. Asphalt pavements can last a lifetime because it is possible to maintain them with overlays, with the deeper portion of the pavement structure remaining sound. When properly designed for traffic conditions, asphalt pavement provides a permanent pavement structure. 

Various stone, gravel and sand products are stockpiled at Cambria Asphalt Products for your pick up convenience. Check the PRODUCT page for location availability.


Plant: 5204 Lockport-Junction Road
Lockport, NY 14094

Plant Phone: 716-438-1009


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